Dear New Bands or Acts,
Due to the small, independent nature of our label we have only limited amounts of time to dedicate to listening to demos, solicited or unsolicited. We DO try and get round to hearing them all and giving some feedback but there may well be a delay of several weeks.

Also, the chances of us taking on a New Act are slim so please don't waste your money sending us physical copies of your work. Sending us a link to a digital file or your website or a media player to
this address will suffice (even though we are aware that MP3s are really the poorest format for real music ever devised, since we moved on from tins connected by string).

We know what it is like starting out and will give whatever advice we can, but we cannot promise anything beyond that.

Let's not beat around the bush, the music business is in a critical condition and the prognosis is not good (we've already picked out our black outifts), but good music is still being made by talented and hard-working people and new ways of reaching true fans of music are being dreamt up every day.

It honestly would probably make sense for us all to give up, move on and take up a new trade. (We're thinking international espionage). But giving up on something because it's difficult and makes no money is really the very worst of reasons.

All the very best,
The Buzzard Tree People